Working at Vasco Da Gama

Working at Vasco Da Gama

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Vasco da Gama was born in a small coastal town in Portugal, Sines. His father, Estevao da Gama, was a knight in the court of the Duke of Viseu.

When he was old enough, Vasco learned how to sail in the Portuguese navy. When his father became the governor of Sines, Vasco inherited his role as a military officer.

After his marriage, Vasco and Caterina de Atade produced six children. The couple had a number of conflicts with the local people, especially the Muslims. Their relations eventually worsened and the Vasco da Gama was accused of being a brutal and arrogant captain.

He was appointed by the Emperor of Portugal to travel to India. His journey was considered one of the most important in history. During his voyage, he found a trade route to India, which opened up a new source of wealth for the Europeans.

Vasco de Gama conquered India. However, he died in an unhonourable manner. A poet named Luis de Camoes wrote a twelve-part epic poem about Vasco da Gama. In the poem, da Gama was depicted as a Greek-style hero.

His journey opened the way for Portugal to gain a foothold in Asia and Japan. Portuguese explorers eventually established colonies in both countries. Some of them later went to Korea.


Vasco da Gama was a Portuguese sailor who played a major role in opening the gateway to India for Europeans. His voyages opened the world to more varied and cheaper goods.

In 1492 King John II of Portugal sent Vasco to the Algarve region. He was tasked with the mission of seizing French ships and establishing a sea route to India. The king was impressed and granted the young sailor a pension.

Vasco da Gama made three visits to India in the span of a decade. In the end, he was a failure in his quest to protect a Portuguese plantation in Cochin. After this, he went on a series of expeditions in North Africa. Some historians claim that he was the first European to visit South Africa, but his journey may have been a forerunner to the more famous Portuguese conquest of Kenya and Tanzania.

The Vasco da Gama story is complicated by the fact that he died in 1524. His casket was decorated with gold and jewels. It was buried in the St. Francis CSI Church in Kochi. However, his remains were reburied in Vidigueira in Portugal.

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Vasco da Gama’s voyages also brought Europeans to the Chinese mainland, Korea and Japan. He was a member of the military Order of Santiago, and he was a knight of Infante Ferdinand, Duke of Viseu.


Founded in 1898, the Vasco Da Gama has gone on to become one of the most successful sports clubs in the country. The club has won a variety of trophies including four Brasileirao, a Campeonato Brasileiro and a Copa Libertadores, among others. It has also been a major driver of anti-racism in Brazilian sport.

The Vasco Da Gama has a rich history, as one of the most widely supported teams in Brazil. In fact, it has more than 15 million fans. Aside from soccer, the club organizes a variety of sports, including auto racing, bowling, billiards and water sports. They have even won one South American Championship of Champions.

One of the most impressive aspects of the team is their transparency. The club is able to provide the public with a detailed profile of its employees. As an example, the aforementioned star-studded squad has a number of black players, a first for any major Brazilian football club.

For an organization that organizes a number of sporting events, the Vasco Da Gama is a big name in the business world. The organization is also home to several celebrities. Some of the more notable include Paulo Coelho, Rodrigo Santoro and Viviane Araujo.

The Vasco Da Gama has plenty of job opportunities, as well. You can find a number of jobs in a variety of fields, such as IT, manufacturing and retail. There are also many government and private sector positions to choose from. Also Read….


The consequences of Da Gama's voyage to India include the development of the spice trade and the Portuguese colonisation of Mozambique. It also created competition between European powers, which resulted in the need for and subsequent development of a half way station in South Africa.

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